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Hylton-Potts Legal Consultants were set up in 1999 to provide a better and cheaper legal service than Solicitors. We offer a fast and efficient service, and always strive to give good value for money. Almost without exception, all phone calls, emails and letters are dealt with the same day.

Help and Advice for those looking for a Quick Divorce

For many people, divorce can be an extremely traumatic and an emotionally charged ordeal. Under these circumstances, the last thing in the world that one would want to face is a long, drawn-out legal battle that’s full of unnecessary meetings and sheer timewasting.

Getting a fast divorce settlement that provides you with the maximum entitlements due to you under the law is obviously the ideal outcome you should be seeking. Having your divorce settled quickly provides many advantages, including the fact that you will be able to start moving on with your life and reclaiming your happiness as soon as possible.

Another really important consideration is that getting a speedy resolution to the divorce will make the entire divorce proceeding less expensive than if it were to drag out for months on end. In this, consider that it is not only the direct costs of the divorce itself that you need to be concerned about, but also the time you may be wasting attending all those meetings, hearings, adjournments and so on…that is time that you could be using productively doing something else.

For a prompt divorce, the one essential thing that you absolutely must do is find a specialist and experienced legal representative to handle the matter for you, because divorce is such a complex and difficult procedure.

Now you may be thinking that it is impossible for you to heed this advice because solicitors are known to charge outrageous fees for their services. For this reason, you may be thinking that getting legal help is something that you simply cannot afford to do.

Get yourself out of that mind-set as these days there is an alternative option to solicitors, and that option is hiring the services of an expert legal consultant. Legal consultants such as Hylton-Potts can provide the help you need for a very affordable fixed fee and hidden costs are something that you will not have to worry about when you work with a legal consultant. Hylton-Potts has been highly successful in obtaining fair and quick divorce settlements since opening for business in 1999, and our extensive experience and extraordinary success rate means we know exactly how to secure the best possible outcome for each and every one of our clients. We are experts on Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in an Intimate or Family Relationship under the Serious Crime Act 2015, and can use that law to help you.

You will find that working with Hylton-Potts as your legal consultant is refreshingly different. Unlike solicitors who are paid for their time and every tiny microscopic task they perform, we work for a fixed fee. Therefore, we have no interest at all in causing matters to drag on endlessly. Some solicitors have been known to make cases go on for years, lining their pockets all the while. We never do that, and we respond aggressively when we see other people attempting to use this tactic against the interests of our clients.

With Hylton-Potts fighting your corner for you, you can have confidence that we will do everything in our power to protect your rights and ensure that the entire matter will be over and done with as fast as possible. Our expert team of legal consultants have all the knowledge and skill to make this happen.

So when you are facing that awful situation of having to divorce, don’t worry. Just call Hylton-Potts on 020 7381 8111 or email law@hylton-potts.com for a free and confidential discussion about your situation. If you decide to hire us to represent you, we will take care of all the necessary procedures on your behalf. You can rest assured that we will solve the problem for you quickly and to your best advantage.